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As long as I can remember I like to listen. When I was a child, I asked my father every night not to read a book but to tell me about a childhood memory. I visualized his memory so that it became my own. It became a game; searching for the right questions and testing how far I could go. I wanted to get to the core.

This didn’t change. I still listen and ask a lot of (maybe inappropriate) questions, but now I visualize the memories or emotions through photography, film, text and music. Combining these different forms of creating help me to make the story that I want to tell, clear and complete.

You can notice this in my project ‘Vertel’ where I interviewed several people in Schiedam, put my prejudices aside and focused on listening patiently so I could get to the essence of their stories. During the conversations I took portraits. With a mind full of thoughts, I went home, sat in front of my piano and started writing. This resulted into an installation where you can sit in front of a portrait and listen to ‘their’ song. 

This method of interviewing people and capturing their stories is the core element of my work. It is my natural way of researching, filtering and creating. 

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